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two baby goats facing each other eating grass

Giggling with Goats

 Goat Therapy Providers in the Coachella Valley

Closed for Summer

About Giggling With Goats

We specialize in providing unique and joyful experiences centered around baby goat yoga, goat meditation, and mindfulness practices. Our goal is to create a serene and playful environment where individuals can enhance their well-being while connecting with adorable baby goats.

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Baby Goat Yoga

Embrace Relaxation and Connection: Baby Goat Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga. Goats. Bliss.

Embrace Goat Therapy.

Includes orientation to goats and practice with goats, 45 minutes of goat yoga, and time for goat snuggles and photos.

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