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  • Why goats?
    In October 2021, I found myself in a sad and dark place. My father had passed away in December 2020 and we had just about started to begin recovering from that when we learned my mother had cancer. Talk about a double whammy! I had raised a bottle-fed foster goat in childhood so when I saw a friend had baby goats for sale, I jumped at the chance to add some cute happiness to my life. Kids Boots (wether) and Blue (doe) came to live at the farm when they were just 12 weeks old. Those two beautiful little animals managed to keep me in the moment, brought joy, and helped heal the sorrow in my heart. Life is better with goat snuggles. Come see.
  • Why these goats?
    The goats here are magic little goats. What makes them magic? First, our goats are teeny tiny little dwarf goats. Next, all of our goats have been loved by humans since the very moments each of them were born. Also, each animal gets upwards of 15 hours of individual attention, in addition to endless hours of attention they receive as a herd. They even get individualized field trips sometimes (e.g., trips to the farmers market to help pick out produce). And perhaps most importantly, we start teaching them to do yoga with us when they are a week old. Our goats want to share their magic with you.
  • How do I prepare myself for goat yoga? What do I wear? What do I bring?
    Don’t wear anything that cannot get dirty. This is a farm, and we are doing yoga with goats. We don't recommend wearing jewelry around our curious little friends, especially earrings or other jewelry near your head and neck. Do wear something that covers your shoulders and back to avoid scratches from tiny hooves. Some people like to wear socks or shoes when doing yoga with little goats. Bring a printed and signed waiver to expedite check in. Bring a mat or rent one of ours. Bring a credit card or electronic payment method. There are cute things you will want to buy, and we do not take cash.
  • How do I get in on the fun?
    Choose one of the available dates we are offering this season, running from November 2024 through March 2025. Each class is limited to 20 participants. Spots are starting to fill, and you do not want to miss out. Book your class now for baby goat yoga bliss.
  • What dates are you offering yoga classes with baby goats this season?
    We have classes: November 2, 16, and 30 December 14 and 28 January 11 and 25 February 8 and 22 March 8 and 22 April 5 We are also available for private parties (bachelorettes, birthdays, team building)
  • Can I bring children?
    The minimum age to participate in yoga with goats is 14. Children under 14 do not typically have the bodily control necessary for safety during yoga with goats. Our primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved, including our baby goats.
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